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But as every good Mother knows, it is not sufficient to just cherish the most beloved one.

Diversity is to be cherished above all because only diversity can birth the Unseen Beauty.

In the evening we held the pricegiving ceremony in the hangar.

The atmosphere was as good as during the whole competition, we would like to thank to all of you for coming, flying in Nitra and see you next spring!

Fullest possibly liberty, constrained only by the Liberty of the Other.

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The Slovak Koruna is the currency in Slovakia (Slovak Republic, SK, SVK). The SKK conversion factor has 6 significant digits.The selection criteria will be the same as in 2015 i.e.IGC Ranking list position and number of Pribina Cups flown in the past. But we hope we will see you guys on the next pribina cup!“Départements français d’Amérique”, “Guadeloupe”, “Guyane”, “Martinique”, “Mayotte”, “Nouvelle Calédonie”, “Polynésie française”, “Réunion”, “Saint-Pierre et Miquelon”, “TAAF” or “Wallis et Futuna”: this visa is valid for the Schengen Area plus the territory specified.“CARTE DE SÉJOUR A SOLLICITER DES L’ARRIVEE” (residence permit to be applied for on arrival): within two months of your arrival you must report to the prefectural authority of your place of residence to apply for a residence permit.