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Interviews and focus groups were audio recorded, transcribed, coded and analysed qualitatively.Major themes emerging included views on sexuality and intellectual disability, consent and legal issues, relationships, sexual knowledge and education, disempowerment, exploitation and abuse, sexual health and parenting.Please contact your ISP for additional questions regarding your internet connection.Problems can occur when your PC runs out of resources (CPU, RAM, etc.).right now i m using adobe live media encoder to stream live webcam video to the adobe flash media server. RTMFP is a peer-2-peer protocol , where you won't be able to record webcam stream as you did with Adobe Live Media Encoder (which used RTMP) Just go through these protocols and you will be able to achieve to do this on your website.

When you are in a chat it just takes the click of a button to switch the video feed from normal size, to double size, to full size.

While this study looked at the views of both family members and support workers, the sample was too small to identify any meaningful differences between the two groups.

In recent decades, people with intellectual disability have moved from institutional to community living, with a resultant increase in the use of mainstream housing and social and health services including general practitioners.

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