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To help Ted get over her, Barney persuades him to try online dating, even down to picking the women Ted should date.

Meanwhile, Barney himself has gotten to the point of being jealous of all the men Quinn meets professionally.

After needlessly defending Quinn’s honor in being able to do 50 laps…of swimming a day to Grandma Lois at Marshall and Lily’s baby shower, the couple were walking down the street when two Lusty Leopard regulars – the Deputy Mayor of the city and good ol’ Dirty Larry – shamelessly admit to not being used to seeing her with so many clothes on.

Barney freaked out, then offered her a fake job at Goliath National Bank that paid the same amount of money she makes at the strip club, which he later claimed to Marshall was five hundred thousand dollars a year.

Despite just being part of the reason to get Marshall to A. If you end by them alone you would still be in the dark about who Steph was, why marshall is wearing the shirt and the reason Barney looks so shocked and upset.

Still, at the end of the night, Barney & Quinn carry the most interest.