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i want to change a persons voice from a guy to a girls, using adobe audition but i have no idea as how to do this can anyone give me some pointers, or point me towards a website that can help me? I looked over the features and I don't see anything specific that addresses this task. I read about a company who had programming libraries that could be lisenced for use in other applications. I would say don't get too excited about the idea of eliminating the need for voice talent... ), itsjustme, jason1025( 1), dblhelix ( 1),markw, Roger (3x! ), Xtaz, agep, Gerry, thefreshestever, dblhelix (twice! Female voices are typically up to half an octave higher pitched than male voices but there's a lot more involved. changing subtle frequencies and tempos to really create a new voice... This is of course an attempt to avoid hiring voice actors. Use to be that they offered a free try out version but this version does not offer you many options and I could not really get any usable female voices out of it.

While these applications are not detected as malware, they can reduce computer performance and compromise your privacy.

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I needed dialogue for "Ethel the Magical Fairy" for my Happy bear short. This was a while ago, but I did check into this since it apparently was very good.

Her 5 year old son just had to be involved and was caught on the recording. I noticed something odd when I was experimenting... The core code used was licensed from another company.

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Don’t forget that you can also check out our entire archive of Emoji Pop answers if you need help with the previous levels, like level 9 which has just been posted on the site.

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Recently I purchased a 0 utility called Voice Changer from -- Diamond Edition.

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