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The versatility of the available optogenetic constructs allows use in a widevariety of applications including in vivo behavioral manipulation.Sustainable consumer behaviour—behaviour motivated or influenced by social and/or environmental considerations—is an important topic in public policy and consumer psychology.Research on the antecedents of sustainable consumer behaviour has found a robust “gender effect”: women are more likely than men to express concern about consumption’s broader impacts and to act upon those concerns.The mechanisms underlying the gender effect have not been well elucidated.

The prevailing so-called A spermatogonia are in fact the stem cells.

In 1994, the first functional stem cell assay was established based on the formation of repopulating colonies after transplantation in germ cell-depleted host testes, which substantially accelerated the understanding of spermatogenic stem cells.

However, because testicular tissues are dissociated into single-cell suspension before transplantation, it was impossible to evaluate the A and other classical models solely by this technique.

Our findings clarify the mechanisms underlying the observed sex effect, confirm the utility of personality constructs in clarifying differences in consumer attitudes and behaviours, and have compelling implications for public policy.

The Complex Tapestry of Parent-Child Relations emphasizes that the psychology of alienated children cannot be reduced to a single factor. In other cases, though, it is difficult to discern the threads that make up the tapestry of alienation. A child, still feeling unmoored in the early aftermath of her parents’ separation, is reluctant to leave her mother’s home for her first extended stay with her father in his new home. Meanwhile, her younger brother, eager to spend the week with Dad, either cannot understand what the problems are about, or he feels the need to join Dad’s team against Mom.