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She'd been dating a lovely boy in his late 20s and everything was going fabulously.He put effort into planning sexy and fun dates, tried to impress at every opportunity and always wore a nice shirt.Despite medical experts declaring her BMI of 15 signalled severe malnourishment, the director remained sure that this young woman's body was that of a typical Macedonian.Will we ever wake up from this nightmare where super-skinny women are held up as the beacon of beauty?What makes it worse is that these two are famous for their work in films definitely aimed directly at teenagers. ------------------------------------------------------- Hey there, I must, must go get this book. Despite having just launched into my late twenties, have secret shameful habit of hiding away in my bedroom watching High School Musical 3 on my laptop so that no-one will see me! Movie reviewers and social commentators keep referring to obsessed tween fans (and their mums at a stretch) as the target market. He actually wrote a song about his infatuation with an older woman now this is the stuff I like to hear in my late twenties! A woman in her 40s, who has yet to succumb to the smouldering sexiness of the two boys, told me her married friends used the Twilight DVD as a bit of soft porn. Enjoying this crazy crush thing that makes us feel like fresh faced youngsters. Comments that are offensive, defamatory, unsuitable or that breach any aspects of the terms and conditions will be deleted. I haven't gotten giddy over a guy since high school! Instead I find myself pondering how I could achieve this goal...silly right? However, I would take a real man like Hugh Jackman any day. First the Details Magazine photo shoot, then the Interview Magazine dirty pics with the nude model. My problem is that I can't get my 11 year old daughter to go ga-ga over him. So Daile, if you Gen X girls go for the young boys and us Gen X guys go for the younger women, sounds like everybody wins to me.

Miss Australia Rachael Finch Last night she stood up for Naumoska, saying that she was just a naturally skinny girl.A panel of judges at the Miss Australia contest this week decided to make model Stephanie Naumoska a top 10 finalist.Parading in a bikini, the young woman showed off a body so bony, with skin stretched taut over bones jutting out all over, and muscles obviously wasted, that I'd say the normal reaction is one of shock and bewilderment.In the current climate of luxury store openings, big bogan budgets and property-led affluence there is still one environmental obstacle that women haven't been able to buy their way out of. Conditions have got so severe that even 21-year-old hot women are complaining that they'd have to date an old codger 12 years their senior or join the toy-boy revolution and make out like her friends do with 18-year-old boys just to get some action.The evidence shows that there are fewer available men around than needed, but I suspect that the occasional good catch is wandering around still uncaught - they just need to get hooked.