Dating online azcentral alert

But online, his personal photos are attached to a dating profile for a divorced dad in Vancouver, British Columbia, looking for "another opportunity to find something special."Giles learned that an unknown, online persona is using his personal photos on last week when a woman reached out to the Mayor's Office.

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Notifications were not received by some, or were delayed five to eight hours for others.

Alerts that normally transmit to cellphones did not go out, she said, adding that other notifications in the system went out immediately to Arizona Department of Transportation signs and e-mails.

Moore said in Monday's alert, the temporary license plate on Bedajii Harnesberry's car prevented the system from automatically sending the Amber Alert through all systems, such as cellphones.

Harnesberry was suspected of taking her three children, ages 11, 14 and 16, who she was not authorized to have.

Authorities said they were at the scene of the reported abduction in Marana, north of Tucson, about a.m.

Dating online azcentral alert