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The word means, it's something Paul thinks every Christian can and should do.

He then illustrates how to submit by giving three examples from relationships in his day—wives and husbands, children and fathers, and slaves and masters. Her husband could do whatever he wanted in legal affairs without her consent.

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Some time later I thought, She wanted you to go to the nice, cold pool, and you argued for the right to stay and work in the heat? Almost every day in marriage, you and I find ourselves in a struggle. The Bible offers tremendous wisdom on what to do in these situations.

In each example, one person has more power, and one person has far less power. But a wife had to get her husband's permission before she could buy or sell property or even make a will.

Husbands also had the financial advantages and virtually all the education.

On his commercial journeys to Syria and Palestine he became acquainted with Jews and Christians, and acquired an imperfect knowledge of their religion and traditions. 612), he claimed to have received a call from the Angel Gabriel, and thus began his active career as the prophet of Allah and the apostle of Arabia.

He was a man of retiring disposition, addicted to prayer and fasting, and was subject to epileptic fits. His converts were about forty in all, including his wife, his daughter, his father-in-law Abu Bakr, his adopted son Ali Omar, and his slave Zayd.